Not all phones with a stylus are created equal: Samsung's Galaxy Note series support active pens; the recently-launched Moto G Stylus does not. A part of that function is due to their price gap, but you wouldn't think that phones that don't come with complimentary styluses would also have digitized displays. Well, the LG V60 comes with not one, but two small surprises in that aspect.

Buried down at the very end of the complete spec sheet LG provides for the phone is mention of active pen support.

But a sentence fragment isn't as illustrative or illuminating as a demonstrative video and that's where a couple of sources come into play. One of them, tech blogger Juan Carlos Bagnell, was able to show off using his Bamboo Ink stylus on not just the LG V60's display, but also on the panel of the Dual Screen case — something not advertised on the Dual Screen case's spec sheet.

Indeed, the device has a settings menu to tailor pen use, including feature mapping to that pen's button(s).

And, because there's always room for more videos, here's a quick runthrough from XDA-Developer's Max Weinbach. He notes that he wasn't able to get his Microsoft Surface Pen to work which probably means this is fully Wacom territory.

With so much space to play around with on these two screens, the argument for carrying around an active pen — even if the phone doesn't come with a convenient holster for it — is very strong here. Not so much for the Moto Z4, which also has active pen support.