It's been almost seven months since Google announced at I/O that it was rolling out a new account switcher to its apps, which lets you quickly and easily manage all your Google settings. The design, which relies on your avatar showing up in the top right of the search bar, has already rolled out to plenty of apps. Among the most important holdouts are the Play Store and Google Photos, but some users have started seeing it in the former.

With version 17.8.13 of the Play Store, our tipster told us he noticed that the account picker disappeared for him from the side menu and showed up in the search bar on the main screen. The look fits exactly what we've seen with other apps, so there's nothing surprising there.

Left: Account picker gone from the side menu. Right: Now found in the search bar.

Tap the avatar to get the familiar white pop-up with your different accounts, privacy policy, terms of service, and some options to manage your Google account or add another. Our tipster also tells us that the swipe gesture, which was implemented in Maps, DriveContacts, Gmail, then Keep and Search, seems to also be available on the Play Store. Simply swipe up or down on your avatar and you'll see the Play Store switch to your other identity. If you have several Google accounts tied to different countries or jobs, this should make it really easy to find apps and content that may only be available through one.

Left: New account switcher pop-up. Right: New splash screen.

This version of the Play Store also comes with a brand new white splash screen. The latter is available to everyone with the update to v17.8.13 (APK Mirror), while the account picker seems to be triggered server-side. It may require this exact version of the Play Store, or it could also be showing up for users on older releases too.

It took a few months, but it looks like the new account switcher and side menu is finally rolling out to everyone.

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