Being quarantined might make you realize you're missing a couple of smart speakers at home. Whether you want to set up a new infrastructure or extend the existing one, this insane deal lets you grab three speakers for just $99. The package includes two Google Homes, as well as a free Nest Mini, which would typically cost $247 when sold separately.

The bundle actually costs $159 and currently comes with a free Nest Mini, but promo code JYO2 will give you a $60 rebate on your purchase, bringing the overall price down to just $99 for the three speakers. Also, BuyDig is throwing in the latest Nest Mini and not the aging Home Mini, which helps ensure you get the newest tech. Sadly, you won't get to pick the color of your speakers, as you'll only get them in white and chalk, but that shouldn't matter if you're paying just $99 for the three of them.

Click the link below and apply promo code JYO2 while checking out to enjoy the markdown.

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