Most companies have been putting out statements to assure customers during the coronavirus pandemic, and OnePlus is no exception. Following up on a post published last week, the company has just announced that it is extending warranty coverage and return periods to make things a little easier for customers. It's also working on a "back-up device program" that lets you apply for a loaner device while your own undergoes repairs.

For context, OnePlus phones come standard with a 12-month warranty that begins from the date of delivery here in the US, but that number can vary. In India, for example, it offers a free warranty extension if you jump through a few hoops, and the company also sells extended warranties and other types of device insurance. In short, you should have at least a year of coverage, but it might be more.

Unfortunately, there isn't an easy portal to check when your warranty is set to expire. Even the OnePlus Care app, though it lets you purchase additional warranty coverage, relies on user-entered data to determine eligibility. OnePlus tells us the only way to check when your warranty is set to expire is to contact customer support directly. But if you still have your original receipt or tracking details, you can probably estimate it — just add a year. And if that date falls between March 1st and May 30 of this year, your warranty has now been extended to May 31st. Early purchasers of the OnePlus 7 Pro, for example, are probably getting an extra week or two.

The company's return and replacement policy (i.e., its buyer's remorse period) has been extended from 15 to 30 days, giving you a bit more time to decide. Usually, you have to pay for return shipping if you go that route, but the company is even providing free two-way shipping for all returns, replacements, and repairs now.

The company says it's planning a pilot program for its "back-up device program" in Europe and North America. Following our inquiry, OnePlus informs us that the program won't be an advance RMA-style exchange, instead offering temporary loaner devices. Customers can apply for a back-up phone to use temporarily while their personal phone is shipped in for repairs. Once they receive their original device back, they can then return the loaner phone back to OnePlus.

"Additionally, we are also working on a back-up device program that will allow you to stay connected with your loved ones if your phone is out for repair... We are aiming to make the process simple and fast so that users who don't have a spare phone at hand during repair can easily apply for a back-up unit through OnePlus support channels."

There's no word on when this program might land. In the meantime, the company has put together a brief FAQ for folks with (other) questions. While service centers are open right now (and employing additional protective measures), they could close at any time as circumstances change.

OnePlus has provided us with a few more details regarding both the "back-up device program" and warranty status details. We've updated our coverage with this information.