To stop the current coronavirus pandemic, we all have to stay home and avoid meeting friends and family. Sadly, it's not necessarily easy to keep in touch with loved ones, but video calling services like Google Duo help alleviate this issue. The system had a limit of up to eight participants until now but has just raised it to twelve, allowing for larger virtual gatherings during the pandemic.

In a recent tweet, Google's Senior Director of Product and Design, leading the communication suite that includes Duo, has increased the calling limit to 12 participants to help people go through the pandemic. The change is already effective, but it's unclear whether it will be reverted once everything goes back to normal or whether it's here to stay. She also hinted at more changes that would come soon, without specifying what these would be.

Google is working on increasing the maximum number of participants in Duo calls to 32 people. See this post for more details.

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