While the original Nest Hub offered lots of great features never before seen on a display-free smart speaker, its lack of a camera and the inclusion of a relatively small screen prevented it from being used for video calls. Fortunately, Google addressed these complaints with its follow-up, the Nest Hub Max, and you can pick one up from Home Depot for only $180 — saving yourself $20 off compared to other retailer's current pricing and $50 off the list price.

Throughout our review of the Nest Hub Max, we were big fans of its improved audio quality, gesture controls, and Face Match personalization system that allows the display to provide relevant content to nearby users. While many prefer a smart display that is capable of making video calls, the privacy risks of placing an internet-connected camera in your home are hard to ignore. Thankfully, Google has included a physical switch that allows users to disable the camera and microphone altogether.

In addition to its abilities as a smart-home control center, the Hub Max also features a powerful built-in speaker that is a definite improvement over its predecessor, so you'll have no trouble filling your room of choice with music or podcasts.

Follow the link below to grab a discounted Nest Hub Max for yourself at Home Depot in either chalk or charcoal. While there is an in-store pick-up option available, it's probably best to go with the free delivery while we all continue to do our best to avoid public places.

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