Downloading an app is a matter of seconds, but we sometimes need to know a little more about one before installing it. In order to provide us with some details and spare us extra clicks, the Play Store shows an app's developer, category, and rating directly within the search results. These are now even richer, as you can also see the number of times an app has been installed, helping you gauge its popularity directly from the search results.

Search results in Germany without the file size (left) and in Lebanon with the file size (right)

The download count is now shown at the end of the last line, with the information displayed in thousands, millions, or even billions. This is only shown for apps that aren't installed on your phone, as on the screenshots above. Interestingly, some people appear to see the app's size as well, but this seems to be limited to specific locations.

This is a very minor enhancement, but it can spare a click or two for most people and help gauge which app is the one you need. The download count seems to roll out gradually through a server-side switch, so it may be a while before it appears for you.

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  • Arunkumar