The ongoing coronavirus outbreak has led to massive shortages for some types of products. No, I'm not talking about toilet paper: webcams are now incredibly difficult to find, due to the massive rise in people conducting remote meetings. If you can't find one, look no further than Logitech's own website.

While mainstream retailers like Amazon and Best Buy are largely sold out out of Logitech's popular webcams, most models are still in stock on Logitech's own online store. The company says shipment times might be longer than usual, but receiving a webcam later is probably still better than not reviving one at all.

As of the time of writing, only the $200 Brio Ultra HD and $100 C925E webcams are out of stock — the popular C920 Pro, as well as the C930E and B525 models, are still available. Free shipping is also available.

Free webcams and headsets for teachers

Classes have been suspended in many schools, which has forced teachers to hold classes remotely. That's tough with the webcam shortage, but Logitech has started a program to distribute free webcams and headsets to K-12 teachers in the US. If you're a teacher in need of some equipment, just fill out the application on Logitech's website and cross your fingers. Logitech says applications will be evaluated at the company's discretion, and it has a limited number of units allocated for the program. Still, every little bit helps.