More than a year after launch, Google is still bringing slow, but tangible improvements to YouTube Music. While the ability to upload your own tracks to the service isn't yet live, we now have confirmation that it's coming. A little less exciting piece of news is that the app is testing a new, improved Now Playing interface.

The point of this new UI is to make everything clearer. Shuffle and repeat buttons are no longer hidden in the sliding queue overlay, and lyrics are more prominently displayed instead of being mysteriously concealed behind the information button. There are also several cosmetic changes, including a centered album art and progress bar, a toggle for song/video, and some reshuffling of the different buttons.

Left: Old. Right: New.

The bottom pull-up menu now takes over most of the screen when expanded, leaving a little now playing bar on top of it. It's also tabbed, with the existing Up Next queue as well as the new Lyrics tab.

Left: Old. Right: New.

This change appears to be rolling out server-side. Our tipster is on v3.53.51 of the app (APK Mirror), but we weren't able to replicate despite running the same version.

Rolling out widely

Google confirms this UI is now rolling out to everyone. Here's the full list of changes.

  • Flipping between songs and videos in the app is now always visible on the player page to make it easy to move seamlessly between a song and its music video, a feature only offered by YouTube Music.
  • Static lyrics are being rolled out within the app, offering highly visible access to follow along to tracks. While still in experiment phase, this feature will continue to be developed.
  • Playback control is more convenient with repeat and shuffle now located on the player page.
  • Downloading, sharing and adding songs to playlists is now easier than ever with all three features accessible by tapping on album art.

The rollout is just starting today, and it'll take time to reach all devices. Google says we should all have the new UI in a few weeks.

Lyrics page

Google tells us that all YouTube Music users should now be able to access full, static lyrics for songs. Hit the ⓘ icon on the Song Detail Page and scroll down to see them.

Most if not all supplied lyrics are attributed to LyricFind.

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