Millions of children are stuck at home right now due to the coronavirus pandemic, but that doesn't mean they should be in summer holiday mode just yet. To help parents get into the homeschooling groove, Google has put together a list of Youtube creators and channels that make learning from home easier for kids of all ages.

The [email protected] site has been made in partnership with the Khan Academy to offer useful resources for families so being stuck at home can be turned into something productive and educational. The content is split into three groups, with recommendations for channels suitable for preschoolers, kids five and up, and kids 13 and older.

For the youngest ones, channels such as CBeebies, Sesame Street, and PBS Kids are on the list. SciShow Kids, Cool School, and Amoeba Sisters are suggested for those children in the next bracket up. The eldest bunch are sent in the direction of Discovery Education, Minute Physics, and The Coding Train. As the site points out, these aren't designed to completely replace any homework already assigned by teachers, but they can be a fun way of encouraging some extra learning and stopping the little ones from going stir-crazy. If you need more help managing the time for your kids, the resources page also includes links to the Khan Academy's daily activity schedules.

If you're an adult and you'd also like to spend your isolation time doing some learning instead of playing video games and drinking copious amounts of wine, why not check out David's list of YouTube channels that can teach you a thing or two.