The Coronavirus pandemic has forced the majority of the population to stay quarantined at home. Some people may find it difficult to work from home, especially when confined alone. Thankfully, music can be a good motivational factor, especially when it doesn't cost much. To help people go through the situation, Tidal is offering its paid subscriptions for just $4 for four months.

Both the Premium and HiFi memberships will only cost $1 per month for four months, instead of a monthly fee of $10 and $20, respectively. The most expensive subscription gives access to high definition lossless audio quality, which is a unique feature compared to the competition.

All memberships, including family and student ones, are currently down to just $4 for a four-month period. However, make sure you pick the right one when signing up, as you'll be automatically charged the regular fee once the trial period ends. If you're worried about forgetting to cancel it, you might want to use a service like Privacy and manage your spending limits per service. You can even get $5 on Privacy thanks to this link.