We're all looking for ways to pass the time as we stay inside during the COVID-19 pandemic. How about some YouTube? T-Mobile's latest "T-Mobile Tuesday" includes a solid discount on YouTube Premium. That discount is 100%. See? Solid. It's only for two months, but that could still mean plenty of ads you won't have to watch.

The deal goes live today, March 24th, for the latest T-Mobile Tuesday. YouTube Premium grants access to the service's small selection of premium content, and more importantly, it removes ads. You also get background playback, downloads, and more. Because of Google's oddly interconnected streaming services, YouTube Premium also gets you YouTube Music.

Just make sure you "save" the offer by April 21st and redeem by May 1st to get your free content. You can even get the free months if you're already a YouTube subscriber—you'll just have to cancel and re-subscribe via T-Mobile. Google will charge the standard $11.99 monthly fee at the end of the free period unless you cancel.