With people hunkered down in their homes putting increased constant load on network and power resources, we've seen how the coronavirus pandemic has taken its toll on internet speeds. For some people, though, extra demand on local grids could pose a blackout risk. What better time, then, for a company to put out new portable power stations and solar panels? And for Goal Zero, that time is now.

The Utah-based firm has released a new portable power station, the Yeti 500X, and three new portable solar panels — the Nomad 10, Nomad 20, and Nomad 50.

The Yeti 500X takes the place of the Yeti 400, bringing up to 505Wh of sustained power — an 18% increase — to USB-A (5V/2.4A), two USB-C PD (up to 9V/2A and 20V/3A), a car charger port (12V/10A), 6mm port (12V/10A), and a 120V inverter for up to 600W surge capacity. For reference, the company is estimating that you'll be able to pull up to 30 full charge cycles for a phone, 8 cycles for a laptop, a 10-hour run on a CPAP machine, and 9 hours for a pellet grill.

Goal Zero is also boasting a new power controller, switching from PWM to MPPT, that is said to improve solar charging efficiency by 30%. With all these changes, the 500X is smaller and lighter than the 400, weighing 3 lbs. less at 13 lbs. and measuring about 1" narrower.

You can grab one today direct from the company, Amazon, or select retailers for $700. Goal Zero offers up to 12 months of financing with interest.

From left to right, the Nomad 10, Nomad 20, and Nomad 50

The new, lightweight Nomad panels are meant to be taken outside with the two-piece Nomad 10 and the three-piece Nomad 20 featuring kickstands and the four-piece Nomad 50 being able to stand on its own. In respective order, they are able to output 7.5W, 20W, and 50W. You can get them at the retailer of your choice below for the following prices: