The Galaxy Note10+ supports "super fast charging" with compatible 45W chargers. Unfortunately, the manufacturer doesn't provide one in the box and instead sells it separately for a whopping $50, which isn't necessarily worth paying for. Thankfully, the charger is now down to $35, making this a more interesting purchase.

Thanks to the 45W output, this charger will be able to fill up a myriad of devices in addition to the Note10+, including a tablet or a laptop. The box contains both the wall charger and the USB-C to USB-C cable, meaning you won't need to use the one that came with your phone or laptop. The purchase also comes with a one-year US warranty, helping you make sure you're covered in case of a malfunction.

Sadly, only the black model is currently on sale, and due to Amazon's delay on "non-essential" purchases, you won't get your charger before mid-April. Still, the rebate is interesting enough for you to buy it now and wait until next month to get it, provided you're not in a hurry.