Yoko Taro's mobile RPG SINoALICE will finally see a worldwide release after an indefinite delay last year. The game was initially published in Japan back in 2017 by Nexon, and yet it would appear that the publisher wants nothing to do with the title anymore, and so Nexon is transferring the license to the original developer Pokelabo. Interestingly Pokelabo has just announced that it's cooperating with Square Enix to bring the game to the West on July 1st, though I have to wonder if this announcement is simply a last-ditch effort to make money with an aging mobile game that even Nexon couldn't bring to fruition as a global release.

Like most mobile games, the above trailer doesn't show much of SINoALICE's gameplay, but since the title has been out in Japan for three years, we already know how the game plays. It's a free-to-play gacha RPG, but instead of character gacha, the game utilizes weapon gacha. More or less, it's an average F2P collectible game where you'll level up your heroes through the weapons you collect. Notably, the game contains wonderfully detailed art, and its soundtrack is phenomenal. But past that, the game does little to separate itself from the F2P gacha crowd.

For some reason, the game's social media accounts are announcing a worldwide release as if the title is available today, but this may be an issue with translation since the game is clearly not yet available in the West. What's even weirder is that the official website claims the title won't be available for pre-registration until May 9th, which has left a few people pointing out the missing Play Store listing in the recent Twitter thread that announced that game's global release. Clearly, there are more than a few mixed messages as far as the worldwide release of SINoALICE is concerned.

What we do know is that Pokelabo plans to launch SINoALICE across the globe on July 1st and that Pokelabo is taking over control of the upcoming global version from Nexon. There's no word how the game will be monetized, but if you take a quick look at the Japanese Play Store listing, you'll see that the Japanese version contains in-app purchases that range up to $64.99 per item. It's my guess that the worldwide version will also contain the same IAPs, though we probably won't know for sure until the official release in July.

Typically I'd share a pre-registration link below, but so far, all I have is a non-functioning web address that should lead to the page, which will hopefully go live in the coming hours or days. Google has warned that app reviews can now take up to seven days or longer, so it stands to reason that new game announcements might not line up with the titles actually arriving on the Play Store as planned. So hopefully, the global listing for SINoALICE won't be delayed too long so that people can properly pre-reg for the official release sometime soon.

Press Release

Mobile fantasy RPG SINoALICE slated to release on July 1st, 100 days from today / Global version to be published by Pokelabo / 2-part NieR collaboration also announced

Pokelabo Inc. (HQ: Minato-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Yuta Maeda, a Wholly Owned Subsidiary of GREE Inc., hereafter referred to as "Pokelabo") and NEXON Korea Corporation (Address: Seongnam, Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea) announced that global publishing (excluding Japan, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Macau) of the mobile fantasy RPG SINoALICE (jointly developed with Square Enix) will be transferred to the original developers Pokelabo, concluding Pokelabo would be able to offer the best possible service given familiarity with the title. The global release is planned for July 1st, 2020 JST.

Beginning March 23rd, 2020 (Mon.) at 11:00 AM JST, global development for SINoALICE and operations will be transferred from NEXON Korea Corporation to Pokelabo. For details regarding pre-registration and service, please refer to the official website below.

■ Global Release Offical Site
SINoALICE official website: https://sinoalice.global

Release confirmed for July 1st, 100 days from today.
The 100 Day Countdown event begins!

SINoALICE will finally be available globally starting July 1st (JST), 100 days from today. In preparation for the release, Pokelabo will be holding a global social media event, "100 Day Countdown".

100 days from March 23rd, 2020 (Mon.) - July 1st, 2020 (Wed.) (JST)

Social Media 100 Day Countdown
Today begins the 100 day countdown until the global release of SINoALICE. Without a moment's rest, content will be added daily to global official social media accounts. Official social media accounts will share details about the mesmerizing world of SINoALICE. Follow and join in on the excitement until release!

100 Day Countdown Mission
Like, share, and interact with content from official media accounts to participate and to win rewards upon the game’s release! Interactions from each account will be tallied, and the rewards will be based on the final results.
Mission 1: Reach 30,000+ reactions to win 100,000 Gold! More missions will be coming soon.

■ Global Official Social Media Accounts
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sinoaliceglobal
[NEW] Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sinoaliceglobal/
[NEW] Twitter: https://twitter.com/sinoaliceglobal

Note: Only non-Japanese social media accounts can participate in this countdown event.

NieR Replicant collaboration event to begin following NieR: Automata event

After the previously announced global NieR: Automata event, a second event, NieR Replicant will be held in SINoALICE. In the NieR: Automata event, play alongside characters from NieR: Automata and enjoy a special scenario written by Yoko Taro himself. The NieR Relicant event will feature characters from NieR Replicant, including a scenario written by a scenario team spearheaded by Yoko Taro.

The event trailer will be posted on the global version’s official social mediaaccounts:

■ NieR 2-Part Collaboration Trailer
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sinoaliceglobal
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sinoaliceglobal/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/sinoaliceglobal

A fantasy RPG presented by Pokelabo and Square Enix in the palm of your hand.
The story comes straight from the mind of Yoko Taro, known for his work on the NieR series and Drakengard. Music is produced by Keiichi Okabe/MONACA (NieR series, Drakengard 3). Original character design is done by the up-and-coming illustrator, Jino.

■ Global Release Official Sites
English: https://sinoalice.global
Korean: https://sinoalice.global/kr/
Thai: https://sinoalice.global/th/

■ Global Official Social Media Accounts (English)
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sinoaliceglobal
[NEW] Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sinoaliceglobal/
[NEW] Twitter: https://twitter.com/sinoaliceglobal

■ Creators
・ Original story/Creative director: Yoko Taro
・ Music: Keiichi Okabe
・ Original character design: Jino

■ Characters Voice Actors
・ [Bondage] Alice: M・A・O
・ [Justice] Snow White: Reina Ueda
・ [Depravity] Cinderella: Eri Kitamura
・ [Delusion] Gretel: Maaya Uchida
・ [Brutality] Red Riding Hood: Rika Tachibana
・ [Languor] Sleeping Beauty: Kaede Hondo
・ [Masochism] Princess Kaguya: Shizuka Ito
・ [Dependence] Pinocchio: Yuko Sanpei

■ Global Details
・ Title: SINoALICE
・ Release date: July 1st, 2020 (Wed.)
・ Supported OS: iOS、Android
・ Supported devices
Android: Android 4.4 or later (RAM 2GB or greater)
iOS: iOS 9.0 or later/iPhone 5S、iPad Air、iPad mini 2 or later、6th generation iPod touch or later
Some devices not listed may not be supported.
・ Price Free to Play (Offers In-App Purchases)