Dark mode has finally started to take root recently, with popular apps WhatsApp and OneDrive joining the roster this month. Now Adobe is jumping on the bandwagon too, adding dark mode support to Acrobat Reader. With over half a billion downloads, this should please a lot of users who don't like having their corneas burnt to a crisp during the night. 

This theme uses a nice blend of black for the main screen and dark gray for menus and other UI elements. To get started, flip the dark mode switch in your device's quick settings panel and enjoy the dark-themed goodness.

Something to note is that there's no manual theme override within the app, so unlike Whatsapp and OneDrive, your device will need a system dark mode for this to function. Unless you're using a heavily skinned version of Android, chances are you'll need Android 10 for this to work.

The PDF files themselves will remain white, or whatever color the the document is meant to be, so there are no benefits once you're editing and reading. That makes sense, as reading documents in their intended layout is essential. Regardless, it's nice to see another large company begin to implement dark mode, and hopefully, others will follow. You can grab the updated Acrobat Reader from the Play Store below, or APK Mirror.