The coronavirus pandemic continues on and social distancing is the new normal. But you've probably seen news footage of hordes of people at the supermarket, ready to pounce on a pallet of toilet paper or a bottle of hand sanitizer come the rooster's crow. Doesn't look too socially distant, huh? Maybe you'd be better off having your groceries delivered for you. If you're able to pay a small premium, then there are a bunch of apps that can help, and we've got the skinny on them.

If this is your first rodeo with grocery (and alcohol) delivery apps, keep in mind that you won't be alone — demand will likely remain at abnormal highs for as long as local governments deem a lockdown to be necessary, so spare a thought or two for the workers who are bringing you celery, salmon, and whiskey.

Another note: most if not all of these services will have a delivery option that allow you to keep a safe distance from their staff. You can opt into that at checkout.

From here, we'll go through a dozen delivery apps, explain what you can expect from each one, and let you know about any first-timer promo codes that might be available.


7NOW: Food Delivery & Alcohol
7NOW: Food Delivery & Alcohol

If you live in any one of 43 markets, your local 7-Eleven may be able to deliver painkillers, Pepsi, and pizza to you in under an hour via its partner service, DoorDash. You'll often see deals for its hot foods and beverages.

Through December 31, 7Now will offer first-time users a promo code good for $7 off their second order with a minimum of $7. There is a $1.99 fee for baskets under $15.

Amazon Fresh

If you have an Amazon Prime account, you can have groceries shipped to your door — you'll want to open up the Amazon Shopping app, hit the hamburger menu on the top-left corner, then Shop by Department, and look for Amazon Fresh. There's free delivery on all orders $35 and up.

Amazon Prime Now (Whole Foods Market)

Amazon Prime Now
Amazon Prime Now
Developer: Amazon Mobile LLC
Price: Free

In 34 markets, you can get groceries from Amazon-owned Whole Foods Market as well as a small selection of AmazonBasics items and Amazon devices within a two-hour window for free (with $35+ buys) in all locations, within a one-hour window for $8, and in less than an hour for Amazon Prime subscribers in some ZIP codes. Amazon has partnered with local shops in select cities to offer their inventory for delivery, too.

If you're trying it out for the first time, use 'SAVE10WF' at checkout for $10 off a cart of $50 or more.

This app bills itself as an all-in-one platform for users to order food from restaurants, alcohol from liquor stores, groceries from local convenience stores, and pick-up-and-drop-off laundry and tailoring services. However, depending on where you live — the urban/subruban divide really shows here — will likely be heavier on restaurants and light on the rest.

Use code 'APPETITE' for $10 off your first order of $15 or more (excluding fees and taxes).


Drizly partners with local beer, wine, and liquor shops. You look up stuff you want to drink — if you have something you want a refill of, grab the barcode and scan it in the app. It offers up a bunch of places that have what you want and tells you what they're pricing it at as well as any minimums and fees you'll need to fulfill.

Use code 'APPDRINKS' or 'NOOBY' to get either $5 off or free delivery for your first order.


Dumpling Grocery
Dumpling Grocery
Developer: dumpling, Inc
Price: Free

Dumpling pairs you up with a personal shopper to grab the groceries you need. Those shoppers list which local stores — including specialty markets — they tend to make the rounds at. You can specify brand name products to be put in your basket or request items with a more general description like "sourdough bread" or "a couple pounds of whatever fish looks best" and tag extra notes where needed. As the app does not track prices, you'll first receive an estimated total, then get charged for your final bill (plus fees) once your shopper shows you the receipt.

The app does not involve any promo codes or discounts. You'll need to verify your phone number and create a profile to start using the app.


Favor, much like, is an all-in-one delivery app, but minus the laundry. It's available primarily across Texas from El Paso to Dallas, the Permian Basin to the RGV, and so on. Beer & wine come from H-E-B, the parent company of this app's developer NeighborFavor, but you do have other options for groceries such as Target.

The app offers free food and grocery deliveries for your first month and charges no delivery fee for alcohol deliveries.

Google Shopping

Honestly, it would've been better if we had Google Express back to get stuff quick. In transitioning over to Shopping, the company de-emphasized quick sub-two-hour deliveries from chains like Walgreens in favor of more long-haul shipments. You may have to wait up to 12 business days to get a 3-pound box of pretzel bites and a 24-pack of La Croix in one order. Still, this app is a handy retail aggregator that gets you stuff from Target, Costco, and other chains with a one-stop checkout process.

Through March 22, you can use '19MARSAVE' at checkout for 10% off your order.


Gopuff—Alcohol & Food Delivery
Gopuff—Alcohol & Food Delivery
Developer: Gopuff
Price: Free

goPuff boasts a network of its own warehouses full of the products it sells on its app. While you will be paying a slight premium on those products, all deliveries have a flat fee of $1.95 — lower than most other services and businesses. It runs 24/7 in a number of markets and until 4am for others.

You can use codes 'FACEBOOK' or 'TWITTER' for $5 off your first order. Also of note: each referral you make gets you $5 off three separate orders — a pretty darn good benefits ratio.


If you're not familiar with Instacart, this one's another personal shopper app. You do get a select of stores right out of the gate — unlike Dumpling, the relationship you have with your shopper is secondary — and you'll have access to certain discounts by putting in your loyalty card info. Delivery times will depend on the store, but they can range from within an hour to two-hour slots on select days of the week. Most times will command a $4 fee, but some stores will offer free slots as well.

Instacart offers a premium subscription service called Express where customers can pay $10 a month or $100 a year to forego the typical delivery fee.


Saucey: Alcohol Delivery
Saucey: Alcohol Delivery
Developer: Saucey, Inc.
Price: Free

This relative newcomer to the alcohol delivery business is in 13 markets right now — most of urban California plus New York City, Chicago, and Dallas. There are no order minimums or delivery fees but, alas, the markups appear at the product level.

'DRINKSFORU' gets you $5 off your first buy.


Last, but not least, another personal shopper app that will get what you need from many if not all of your local stores.

We weren't able to source out a promo code, but you do have free deliveries on carts over $35.