The Doom series is among the best-known video games in the world, so it's great to see that Google managed to secure the rights for the latest title in the installment — in fact, this is the game Stadia has been hyping even before the service itself launched. Today, Doom Eternal has finally landed on the platform, along with being released on most other common consoles and stores.

Following the events of 2016's Doom, you'll find Earth under attack by demons. In the singleplayer campaign, your job is to stop this invasion. You can use some of the skills already acquired by your character in the predecessor, but there will be plenty of novel upgrades: Doom Eternal promises to give you shoulder-mounted flamethrowers, retractable wrist-mounted blades, better guns, and upgraded mods and abilities. There's also a new "Battlemode," a two vs. one multiplayer challenge where two players take the role of demons that take on an armed Doom Slayer.

If you want to give Doom Eternal a go on Stadia, you can choose between the Standard Edition and the Deluxe Edition, both including the Rip and Tear Pack that gives you some skins and other benefits. The regular standard edition without the add-on isn't available for purchase.

Note that Doom Eternal won't run at native 4K on Stadia — like many other titles, it will upsample a 1800p 60fps stream to 2160p on 4K displays. Since it's a small difference and there are compression artifacts anyway, this might only translate to a minor digression in quality, though, and will still make for a better image than what you would get on the PlayStation 4 Pro.