Samsung's upcoming One UI 2.5 update will deliver support for full-screen gesture navigation in third party launchers, according to a statement made by a Samsung representative on the company's community forums. That means you'll be able to use things like Lawnchair or Nova Launcher on One UI 2.5 devices without giving up the new gesture navigation system to do it.

For a bit of context, Android 10 itself actually launched without support for gesture navigation in third party launchers. Google later delivered the functionality as part of the December 2019 update/first Pixel Feature Drop, but that delay on Google's part to integrate the required changes set an unfortunate trend.

At the time, it was frustrating enough, but that omission also trickled down to some Android 10-based skins like OneUI 2.0, though other companies like OnePlus that offer lighter software customization were able to keep up with the change more quickly. In a sense, former Pixel owners that have migrated to a newly purchased Galaxy S20 have had to regress slightly when it comes to software, given that Samsung's One UI 2.0 is missing later Android 10 feature additions.

Being stuck with the stock launcher and its useless "Samsung Daily" integration just to use gesture navigation has been a real bummer for me on the Galaxy Z Flip and S20 Ultra. I'm genuinely looking forward to the change — whenever it eventually happens. Although One UI2.1 has started rolling out for some devices, there's no telling when we'll get 2.5 yet.