The Galaxy S20 lineup comes with exceptional hardware and Samsung's familiar high-end design, but just like any tech product, they're not perfect. We were not too impressed by the ratio of the S20 Ultra's capabilities and its price, and now an issue has popped up that affects the whole S20 series: Some people report that they can't get a GPS lock in Google Maps and Waze on their brand-new phones.

As first dug up by XDA Developers, a lot of S20 owners say that it takes more than ten to 15 minutes to get a locked GPS signal, and even then, their position in Maps remains inaccurate, jumping around all over in a radius of two miles. Restarting, force-quitting, or reinstalling any of the navigation apps doesn't seem to help, either. One affected person has received a replacement unit that also can't maintain a stable GPS signal, so it must be a widespread hardware issue or a software problem. Let's hope for the latter, as that will be much easier to fix.

Some people claim that turning off 5G helps with reliability, but others report that they still experience the faulty GPS on 4G. The incidents also only affect the US Snapdragon variant of the phones, as it seems. Hopefully, Samsung will have fixed the issue once the CDC and other health organizations stop recommending people to stay home because of the current COVID-19 outbreak.