MX Player is one of the most widely used local video playback apps out there, and it just picked up a new feature that should make streaming from an in-home file server a bit easier. The latest v1.21.2 beta brings support for SMB, allowing you to access network media from servers or computers sharing files via the protocol.

You can also now seek when playing WebM files. A smaller pile of bug fixes were also included in the release. The full changelog is just below:

Today’s update includes SMB protocol support. Now easily access network files as if they were on your phone.

Bugs fixes:
– Seeking now works with WebM files
– Teletext subtitles now render properly
– MEDIA STOP key no longer resets playback position
– Background Play(Audio) can now be disabled
– Floating action button no longer obstructs other file options

For India users:
– Games load much faster now, which means less waiting time
– Share your favourite Shows/Movies as Facebook Stories

SMB isn't the most secure protocol out there. The older version, SMB1, is a straight-up security risk, and more recent versions have their own issues. While it's probably okay to it use exclusively in-network, and many folks do, you definitely don't want to have SMB traffic open to the internet. But if you are among those using SMB for a local media server, you'll be able to play files from it via MX Player with this new beta.

The update is rolling out now for those in the Beta Program on the Play Store, but you can also download it via APK Mirror.