Getting a new phone is an exciting experience, especially when you take it out of the box for the first time. But when you're so interested in getting up and running, having to slow down as you import data, rearrange the homescreen, and transfer all of your stuff can put a damper on that excitement. Setting up your new Galaxy S20 couldn't be easier, though, thanks to Samsung Smart Switch.

You can use this service while setting your S20 up for the first time, or at a later date by opening the app. When the app is open on both your S20 and your existing phone, you'll need to choose to send or receive. Select the relevant option on both phones, and decide how you'd like to connect them. If you choose to connect your devices via cable, then you'll go straight to the selection screen, where you select what data you want to transfer.

If you opt to connect the devices wirelessly, then both phones will search for each other using high-frequency audio. The searching process should only take thirty seconds or so, and once the two devices have located each other, you'll need to approve the connection.

Once everything is connected, you'll need to choose what to transfer, from your home screen layout to your messages. I used the wireless method to transfer my messages and settings, and it finished within a few minutes. The time needed to restore will vary depending on what you're moving over. Photos and videos, for example, are larger files that will take longer to send and receive when compared to messages and settings. Regardless of what you're using the tool for, it's quicker than doing it all yourself.

Smart Switch is an excellent tool for setting up your new phone, thanks to its simple interface and the variety of data you can import. My favorite part of this app is the ability to use it after you've set your new phone up. I switch phones quite often and using this service to transfer the messages I've received while using another device is invaluable.

Smart Switch comes preinstalled on Galaxy devices, but if you're switching from a non-Samsung phone, you can download the app from APK Mirror, or the Google Play Store.