Google Assistant has supported the Indonesian language on phones and TVs since March 2018, but since not all Assistant devices are created equal for languages and features, that meant smart speakers were left out of the loop. That's changing now.

Our tipster, Jandy, tells us his Home Mini speaker now understands him when he talks in Bahasa Indonesia, and replies back. This could be a limited test though, so if you speak the language, check it out and see if it works for you too. I chose Indonesia (Indonesia) as my secondary language in Assistant's settings and did a brief test on my Home speaker (using Google Translate to pronounce "What time is it?" and "What's the weather?") and I think it gave me the correct answer. At least it didn't reply in English, that much I'm sure of.

Given Google's previous history of only adding language support in a country along with the Home/Nest speakers' official launch, this could be a sign that the company is getting ready to start selling its smart speakers in Indonesia. We'll keep an eye and let you know if that happens.

Official. Thai support added too.

According to an updated Google Support page, both Indonesian and Thai are now supported on Google Home speakers. Official compatibility is mentioned for the Nest Mini, which is likely to be the only Assistant speaker sold by Google in the two countries, but there's no reason it wouldn't work on other speakers too, including the regular Home, Home Mini, and Home Max.

Nest Mini launch

As speculated, Google has launched the Nest Mini officially in Thailand and Indonesia.

In Thailand, Assistant can read news from Thairath, BangkokBizNews, MGR Online, MCOT, and THE STANDARD, and play music from YouTube Music and Spotify. Joox support will be added later. The Nest Mini costs THB 2,290, and is available at True stores, Banana IT, BB Beyond, Power Mall, Power Buy, as well as online on and True's online store.

The Nest Mini has been available for a couple of weeks in Indonesia too, but we missed the news amid the deluge of other news. Media services are the same as Thailand, but news sources available are Kompas TV, MNC Trijaya FM, and It costs Rp925,000 and is available in stores at Erafone and Urban Republic, plus online at and Tokopedia.

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