When it comes to killing unsuccessful projects, Google is ruthless. The company got rid of its dying social media platform Google+ and its beloved but superfluous Gmail alternative Inbox, and it's in the process of killing Play Music. We feared Snapseed would meet the same fate, as the app hasn't seen a new release since 2018, but that has changed just today: The brand-new version 2.19.1 has surfaced on the Play Store, though it only brings along bug fixes.

The Play Store changelog says there's a new dark theme mode in Settings, but that's not actually new — it's been there since 2018. We first suspected that this could mean the app now supports Android 10's system-wide dark mode, but the app still doesn't respect changes to it at all. This leaves one new thing: Bug fixes.

We've been monitoring Snapseed's update status over the last year and reached out to Google to ask what it plans going forward. We were told that the developers have been working on updates since 2019, planning to add improved RAW support and maintaining compatibility with the latest devices. Those are not really killer features that take the app to the next level, but at least Google still seems committed to it. Even though there aren't any user-facing changes in this 2.19.1 release, we can assume that the app will stay functional on the latest phones and Android versions for the foreseeable future.

Check the Play Store to see if the update to version 2.19.1 is already available to you. You can also download it over at APK Mirror. Let's hope we'll soon see more interesting changes to the app, like automatic dark mode and the promised RAW improvements.

First 64-bit version

It's been pointed out to us on Twitter that there's in fact one actually new thing apart from bug fixes. Version 2.19.1 is the first Snapseed release to come as a 64-bit APK. This might make the app marginally faster on recent phones, and it also helps future-proof it in case Google ever decides to deprecated 32-bit support on Android.

Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free