You'd be forgiven if you're among the many that forgot the Google Play Games app even exists, but here's a reminder. Better, details surrounding a new "Play Together" social feature have been spotted in a recent teardown, and they could add enough new functionality to make the app worth remembering, too.

The details were dug up by our friends at XDA Developers, with three key changes noted: A friends list for connecting with your buds through the Play Games app, the aforementioned Play Together feature, and a new host of privacy settings to control your visibility. All three of the spotted changes sound like they work together to allow an almost Steam-style social experience.

Based on the details revealed so far, you'll eventually be able organize with your friends to play games together, sending invites to add them to your friends list (with the sort of management and privacy tools you'd expect to see included), and allowing games to access that list — assuming you grant permission.

Based on some warnings attached to the code spotted so far, Google is actively testing the feature internally as we speak, so it might not be too long before we hear more about it. For more details, including a full list of strings found hidden in the app's code, check out XDA's coverage just below.