These days, Google Search isn't only a great tool for finding websites that give you whatever information you're looking for, it also offers some insightful results right below the search bar, like definitions provided by the Oxford dictionary. For some words, these entries can quickly become convoluted, though, especially when they change their meaning when applied to different contexts. To make it easier to sift through these, Google Search now lets you filter results by topic for some words.

The feature is live in the Google app and on both the mobile and the desktop website and seems quite reminiscent of Gmail's new search 'chips.' The topics pop up for some words when you search for "define [term]" or "[term] definition." It's not entirely clear how Google decides which words receive the filters and which don't, but we can assume the company is using some machine-learning algorithm to determine when to surface which topics. Some words also more clearly belong to one thematic cluster only, while others can be used across a variety of contexts, so it makes sense to show the filters only for the latter.

Interestingly, these topic filters are only available on Google's edition of the Oxford dictionary. When you visit Oxford's Lexico service, you can't sort individual results by topic.