The second Android 11 Developer Preview rolls out today, and though it still isn't meant for general consumption just yet, it introduces quite a few new technical tweaks that app-makers and Android enthusiasts will enjoy playing with. While we start digging for undocumented changes, we already have a small list of tweaks to peruse in this latest release.

The more interesting publicly revealed additions include:

  • 5G state detection for apps. (I.e., apps can tell if you're connected to a 5G network and do stuff with that info, like offer a higher bitrate for a stream, sync more frequently, etc.)
  • Hinge angle detection for foldables — presumably similar to the Galaxy Z Flip's "flex mode" UI changes at certain angles.
  • Call screening improvements, with STIR/SHAKEN verification, the ability to report a call rejection's reason, support for a new post-call screen for actions, and contact list verification.
  • Better variable refresh rate support.
  • "Resume on reboot" update feature to allow apps to run after OTAs are installed — no missed messages as your phone waits for you to unlock it should you schedule updates to be installed overnight.
  • More privacy tweaks, including camera and microphone permission changes and more scoped storage improvements.
  • Neural Networks API improvements.

Device support at this early stage is still limited, with only Google's first-party Pixel phones getting official images. Unless you want to play with a GSI, that means you'll need a Pixel 2 or later to try Android 11 DP2. If you haven't already migrated to the Developer Previews, these images still need to be manually flashed — you can't just check a box online, as you'll be able to do later when the Beta Program starts.

However, if you already installed DP1 or the bug-fix DP1.1 update, you have the option to receive today's update to DP2 as an OTA, though there might be a delay compared to manually flashing it. You can also use the online Android Flash Tool if that's more convenient for you.

OTA and factory images for the new builds are live, so you can install them at your leisure.