Anyone who's spent time tinkering with Android devices will be familiar with the Android Debug Bridge (ADB) system. This command line tool lets you communicate with your device from a computer, but it usually requires a cable. With the second Android 11 dev preview, Google has finally added a proper wireless option for ADB.

ADB lets you perform basic actions like managing files and rebooting a device, but it can also go deeper with shell commands, advanced package management, and more. As with the standard wired ADB option, you'll have to venture into the Developer Options menu to activate wireless ADB. Once it's turned on, you can connect to a computer running ADB on the same WiFi network.

The new wireless settings include options to pair with a wireless device with a QR code or a six-digit PIN. With that done, you'll just have to authorize your computer for ADB via the popup. This feature has been available in the past via various workarounds or tedious cable-based setup. Now, it's comparatively simple. Keep in mind, this is a developer preview (not even a beta), so we can't say for certain how well wireless ADB will work right now.