Bose and Sony headphones get most of the attention when it comes to active noise cancelation. Still, there are other contenders worth considering, especially if price is part of your buying criteria. The Surface headphones are a good alternative, but their MSRP was too similar to the leaders in the category for them to compete fiercely. Nevertheless, Microsoft's product is now down to just $200, which is about $50 off compared to the price it's been selling for lately. This makes it particularly relevant, especially if you're stranded at home, given the current COVID-19 pandemic.

The product offers superior sound quality, active noise cancelation, and good battery life. It connects over Bluetooth and or a 3.5mm input, and also features Cortana, Microsoft's digital assistant. The Surface headphones are controlled using touch input, and there's also an option to adjust the noise cancelation level, which prevents you from taking the headset off if you need to talk to someone.

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