After coming to light last summer and going live in December 2019, Samsung's PC to phone game streaming platform PlayGalaxy Link is already not long for this world. Only three months into its beta, Samsung has announced that the service will be shut down on March 27.

The official reason given is "internal policy changes," but it's likely that the recently announced partnership with Microsoft has something to do with it. The agreement will likely see Xbox games come to Samsung devices in the future via Project xCloud, and that would directly compete with Samsung's own PlayGalaxy Link app. In the meantime, Samsung is pointing users to its partner Parsec Gaming as an alternative.

Game streaming has come into sharp focus in recent months thanks to Google's turbulent Stadia launch (see how it compares to Microsoft xCloud) and the introduction of Nvidia's GeForce Now. While Stadia has had its fair share of problems, it still works pretty well if you have a solid connection — a lack of compelling games might be its biggest downfall. GeForce Now seemed to have solved that problem by allowing you to play the games you've already bought through popular PC gaming services, but controversy has since been sparked by a number of developers who have pulled their IP from the platform. PlayGalaxy Link has been too shortlived to offer any kind of meaningful competition in the space, but xCloud looks set to be a true competitor so Samsung has probably done itself a favor by jumping aboard.