Ever since Google sold Motorola to Lenovo, the brand's strategy has been subject to change. In the past, there were only three model lines, but now, it's hard to discern the plethora of often all-too-similar phones released under the Moto name. There also hasn't been a proper flagship for a while, but Motorola is apparently looking to change that. OnLeaks and Pricebaba have teamed up to share renders and specifications of an alleged Motorola Edge+, and it could shape up to be the brand's new front runner.

The phone is said to measure 161.1 x 71.3 x 9.5mm, making it about as big as a Samsung Galaxy S20+. While the Korean company mostly did away with curved screens on the S20 series, Motorola is leaning heavily into the trend — which is to be expected with a name like "Edge+."

The display curves along the sides of the phone, but there's still enough space for regular physical volume and power buttons. There are only minimal bezels at the top and the bottom, though they're not quite symmetrical. A hole-punch front camera sits in the top left corner of the screen. According to XDA Developer's Mishaal Rahman, it's supposed to be a high-refresh-rate 6.67" 2340 x 1080 90Hz display. The big screen also doesn't leave enough space for two front-firing speakers; there's one in the bezel on top and another on the bottom of the phone, next to a USB-C port. Up top, the I/O package is rounded out by a headphone jack.

Moving to the back of the Edge+, you'll find a triple-camera array in the top left, joined by a few sensors and a flash next to it. It seems like the rear also sports a glowing Moto logo, just like the Motorola One Zoom — though in an overall much more understated look. Judging from the looks of the renders, the back seems to be plain ol' glass.

An earlier leak already spilled some beans on the Edge+'s internals. It's said to come with the Snapdragon 865, making it 5G-enabled out of the box, accompanied by up to 12GB of RAM. The battery supposedly has a capacity of more than 5,000mAh — this could explain why the phone is relatively thick. Other than that, we don't know too much about the handset just yet. The camera hardware remains a mystery, and we haven't heard if there are any special software features taking advantage of the waterfall display — in any case, Android 11 should make working with these displays easier thanks to a new API that hinders essential UI from drawing beyond the edges of the screen.

The Motorola Edge+ is supposed to launch in the US via Verizon. It will probably also be available internationally, though we'll likely have to wait for the official announcement until we know more.

Evleaks renders

Leaks blogger Evan Blass has produced what appear to be official renders of a device initially described as the Motorola Edge+.

In a later tweet as followers discussed and compared these renders to the ones in our main story, Blass later clarifies that the pictures are of a Moto Edge, not the Edge+.