I find myself scrolling through Google Discover to pass some time more often than I'd like to admit, but thanks to Google's vast collection of my personal data, it's not surprising there's usually something interesting for me to be found. One thing has always annoyed me, though: You have to resort to blocking certain news sources because of misleading or sensationalist headlines, even when some of their articles aren't as bad as others. Google finally found an elegant solution for this problem, as it's now possible to report misleading, sensationalist, violent, and hateful or abusive content in the feed.

To report content, you need to tap the three-button overflow menu in the bottom right corner of a card. Here, a new entry called "Report content" should show up. Tap it, and you can choose one of four reasons why you'd like to have it gone: It can be "misleading or sensational," "violent or repulsive," "hateful or abusive," and "other." If you choose the latter, you can't further specify why you'd like the content removed, though — any choice makes the reported card disappear instantly, with an option to undo the action in a pop-up toast message.

When used correctly, we assume that the report button could help Google understand your preferences even better while also improving the company's algorithms that try to detect and punish misleading headlines. The report button joins the previously available options to hide a story, block articles from a certain publisher, or tell Google that you're not interested in a topic.

The report workflow from left to right. It's possible to undo a report, too.

The capability is already broadly available and requires version 10.99 of the Google app, so check if you're updated on the Play Store. You can also get the latest release over at APK Mirror. Reporting content is certainly a more elegant and helpful solution than just plainly blocking untrustworthy news sources, and it's great that Google finally recognized this, too.

Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free