Ever since the launch of the Galaxy S10 last year, developers have had a whale of a time making fun and exciting apps for the camera cutout. One of my favorites is Energy Ring, an app that, as the name implies, puts a ring around the hole-punch to represent your battery level. Due to the different display sizes and aspect ratios, the developer released a separate version of the app for the Note 10 series, and has now done the same for the S20 range.

The wide array of options allows you to set everything up exactly how you like it, from the thickness of the ring and its point of origin, to color and gradient options. Some animations are only available via an IAP, and several tiers are available, with the cheapest setting you back $2.49. The app allows you to preview all of these animations and features before you buy them, which is a nice touch. Note that if you've purchased a previous version of Energy Ring, you'll need to pay again as this is a separate app.

I love the charging animations available here, and there are plenty to choose from. I like to keep things simple, so I'm using the default animation called "linear." There are eight in total, so take the time to look through them all.

If you own an older Galaxy without a hole-punch or don't like having a ring around your camera, take a look at Energy Bar by the same developer. Energy Bar works in the same way but places a bar at the top of your display that curves around the corners. You can download both apps from the Play Store below.