We're all preoccupied with cleanliness these days, given the concerns posed by the COVID-19 pandemic (popularized as coronavirus). But while it's easy enough to wash your hands regularly, it's not quite as easy to keep your phone clean. We've got a few tips of our own, but we're curious to know: How do you clean your phone?

Both Apple and Google have published documentation with best practices for sanitizing your device. Each recommends that you avoid using products that include bleach to clean your device, though alcohol wipes (up to 70% isopropyl alcohol) or Clorox branded disinfecting wipes have each company's explicit blessing. Just keep in mind that strong solvents like alcohol and abrasive materials can wear down the oleophobic coating on your screen. While lower alcohol concentrations are more likely to be safe, if you're worried, you can stick to using alcohol-free wipes. And don't try to grind smears clean with a paper towel, napkin, or your pants leg, they're all too abrasive for that oleophobic finish as well and can destroy it over time.

But wet wipes aren't the only game in town. Samsung, for example, offers in-store sanitation for Galaxy devices via a strong UV light, and some companies make similar products for at-home use. If your phone has an IP rating, even just a spray bottle with some lightly soapy water and a big 'ol microfiber towel can do the trick, just be careful not to spray into speaker grilles, microphone holes, or other ports.

Also, don't forget to keep your phone case clean, too, since it's probably the part you touch the most. If it's not made of any exotic materials, just a simple bath in soapy water should do the trick. (That even works for Google's fabric cases, which collect grime like nobody's business.) If you have a snazzy leather case, it's best to ask the manufacturer, but as Android Police's resident leatherworker, I recommend Ashland Leather's Tanner's Blend Cleaner & Conditioner. In a pinch, basic saddle soap can also work, just be sure to replenish the lost oils it strips away or your leather might get dried out.

So, how do you keep your phone clean? Feel free to select all the answers that apply. And if you have any tips or tricks that we haven't mentioned, let your fellow readers know.

How do you clean your phone?

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