If you're not already used to it, working from home can be pretty hard, especially if you've got kids around. With school closed and them stuck at home, the same as you, you can't blame them for making a little noise, and that's not mentioning all the other opportunities for distraction. But you can do something about it and keep productivity up while you work to pay the bills. Mpow's H5 Bluetooth headphones have active noise cancellation, and, more importantly, they're just $30 right now at Amazon.

We've reviewed them, they're not the best noise-canceling headphones you can get. If you're willing to drop closer to three hundred dollars, Sony's WH1000XM3 are an excellent choice, and miles better. But for some of us, that's a lot of dough to drop on something for work, especially given all the other uncertainties right now.

The Mpow H5 are comfortable enough, sound acceptable, diminish (if not outright cancel) outside sounds, and last almost forever on a charge. For $30, the only thing you can really get upset about is the Micro USB port for charging.

Note that to get the full discount, you'll need to click the in-page coupon for $10 off, which brings the price from $39.99 to $29.99, and the same discount and price do not apply to the silver color, it's more expensive.

If the last few days working from home have already ground your nerves into a paste, leaving you anxious about the next couple weeks (or months?), then do yourself a favor and pick up a pair of noise-canceling headphones. Consider this the official recommendation and opinion of a work-from-home expert — they make a huge difference. Even if this specific model isn't for you, this is your PSA to buy some. You're gonna need them.