If you only use Google Photos to view all the pics and videos you've taken, you likely never came across the messy way that media, especially portrait photos, is organized in the background. Pixels, for example, create a separate folder for each pair of portrait pics. When you browse your local storage, you can find these folders under DCIM/camera/IMG_date_time, where the date and time are specific to each pair of snaps. Besides Google Photos, local gallery apps don't usually handle these hundreds or thousands of folders properly, but now Simple Gallery Pro does.

In the latest version of the app, v6.13.4, portrait pics will show up inside the Camera folder instead of outside of it. They're marked by a portrait icon, and expanding them shows the pair of images as selectable thumbnails on the bottom — the one with the blur and the one without. It's exactly the same way Google Photos deals with them, and is seamless.

Left: Portraits show up inside the Camera folder. Right: Opening reveals the duo of associated pics.

By comparison, most (if not all) other local gallery apps treat these portrait folders like any other, putting them outside of the main camera folder. That means you have to see each portrait image on its own, and separately from your full camera roll. You also have to delve into the folder to open the image, then go back, for every single one. That's inefficient.

By comparison, Memoria, my go-to local gallery, organizes each portrait pic folder separately, sadly.

Fixed some hiding, excluding and including related glitches
Flipped Pin and Properties icons at the top menu for better user experience
Avoid showing Portrait image folders at the main folders screen

If, like me, you've avoided using local gallery apps to view your camera roll, just because of the messy portrait organization, you finally have a solution. Simple Gallery Pro costs around $1, depending on where you live, and is one of the most beloved gallery apps after QuickPic's demise. I hadn't given it a proper try until now, but this feature is certainly pushing it to become my go-to in lieu of Memoria.

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