Frequent TV watchers or ardent fans of specific series are likely familiar with SeriesGuide, which makes it much easier to follow your favorite shows, get notifications for new episodes, and even sync your lists across devices. A new version of the app (v53) is rolling out now, and trickling light/dark theme switching down from an in-app purchase to a standard feature, and bringing support for system-level theme switching on supported devices, among other smaller changes.

(Note: As v53 stable/final has not rolled out to us, screenshots below are from the v53 beta 2, there may be some small differences between it and the final release.)

Theme options before (v52) and after (v53 beta2).

The most substantial tweak folks on Android 10 will notice is that the app can now inherit the system default theme, by default switching automatically between light and dark modes as your phone itself does. The option to change themes period is also new for those that haven't unlocked extra features via an in-app purchase — previously attempting to select a different theme would take you to that prompt if you hadn't purchased a subscription/pass. Folks on Android 9 and older will also see themes switching by default if Battery Saver mode is detected.

Left: Default "SeriesGuide" theme on v52. Center: Dark theme on v53 beta2. Right: Light theme on v53 beta2.

The default "SeriesGuide" theme from older versions, which was something of a mix between a light and a dark theme in the older Material style, is now gone. The dark theme is noticeably darker than the old default theme.

Themes also carry over to the widget, generally matching the colors you see above.

Other smaller changes include a new notification setting to notify you of a new episode only if it's the next episode to watch. There's also a known issue: In some cases, backups might be corrupted should the new backup be smaller. The full changelog across v53 and its cumulative beta changes are available here.

The update is supposed to be rolling out now, though it isn't available on my devices just yet. Interested parties can pull it down on the Play Store, though they may have a short wait for this version to hit.