Based on an APK teardown from that Pixel 4a that leaked earlier, new details regarding Google's upcoming Pixel 5 might also be coming to light. The folks at 9to5Google, in concert with Gcam modder Cstark27, have confirmed the Pixel 5's codename, and through that, further confirmed that the Pixel 5 won't have your usual "flagship" chipset inside it. Google's next high-end Pixel will probably be packing a Snapdragon 765, based on what we know.

It's a complicated bit of logic, but in short, the leaked version of the Google Camera app found on the Pixel 4a included reference to a "photo_pixel_2020_config" which all known details indicate refers to the Pixel 5. Information associated with that entry also confirms the presence of a telephoto camera on that device, as with last year's Pixel 4. However, that name is also associated directly with the known hardware codenames "bramble" and "redfin."

We know for a fact, based on earlier investigations by the folks at XDA Developers, that "bramble" has a Snapdragon 765 (or 765G), and Google later accidentally published (and then restricted access to) a complete list of hardware names that included redfin, and which connected its lineage directly to bramble's.

There's still plenty of time until the Pixel 5 manifests, but these details seem pretty clear: Google's next Pixel flagship won't be packing the usual highest-end Snapdragon chipset. If that means longer battery life and lower prices, this could be a good thing.