If you haven't heard of Scroll by now (where have you been?), it's this nifty service that removes ads from 300 of your favorite news sites, including Android Police. Although the service is quite young, its developers have been quick to implement changes that readers have been begging for. In the latest update, the unsightly Scroll bar along the bottom edge of the app is no longer activated by default while reading content.

The Scroll bar at the bottom of the screen — although helpful with its ability to read articles aloud — that used to take up a significant bit of display real estate has been neatly tucked behind a convenient Scroll tab. To summon the bar, simply tap the icon in the bottom right corner of the screen, and it will slide out. To tuck the bar away again, tap the "X."

There is a bit of a catch with this feature, though. The slide-out bar doesn't currently work on the AMP version of articles, but this is said to be in development.

If you're interested in having an ad-free reading experience while also supporting Android Police and other major news sites, you can sign up for a free 30-day trial here. Once activated, you can read ad-free content in your browser of choice, or via the Scroll app. After your trial has finished, founding members (that's you) will pay Scroll a measly $2.49 a month (50% off full price) for the first six months to keep content free of ads.

After we rolled out our dark theme earlier this month, many of you asked when the Scroll bar would match the theme. You'll be glad to hear that Scroll is now rolling out dark mode support, so if you don't have it already, you should soon.

It looks quite snazzy.

One more update: the Scroll bar's dark mode now works with the AMP version of our site. No more blinding white bar on our nice dark theme.

Scroll by Twitter
Scroll by Twitter
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