The YouTube app for Android and iOS is getting a small tweak over the next few days. The Trending tab in the app's bottom navigation panel, which showed currently popular (i.e., trending) videos, is changing to show more varied and different types of content, under the new name: Explore.

This might sound a bit familiar, or you may have already seen an "Explore" tab in the YouTube app over the last year or so, and that's because the company has been testing this change for over two years. Presumably, it passed muster.

The Explore tab as it appeared in a test late last year. 

If you happened to like the Trending tab, you don't have to worry, its contents will live on as a "destination page" at the top of the new Explore section, and some trending videos will still appear in the Explore tab's default contents. Those destinations also get an updated look, and the company plans on adding more of them over time.

Although we don't see this change live on any of our devices just yet, Google claims it will feature more prominent highlighting of new creators and artists as well, though we can't tell you first-hand what it might be like.

The change will be rolling out over the next few days for both Android and iOS, though we aren't sure just yet if it's simply a server-side change or if an app update will be required to trigger this rollout.