Dark mode is definitely one of the most popular features users look for in an app these days. Thankfully, most developers have started to implement it in their software offerings. Google has been part of the trend, as the Play Store, Drive, Files, and Gmail apps now have a dark mode, to name a few. Interestingly, the company's Ads app just received the feature, before some of the company's most popular services.

Google Ads is the company's advertising solution, designed to launch and manage campaigns. Even though it's a powerful and widely appreciated platform, it's far from being Google's most popular app for end-users, which is why it's surprising it's getting dark mode before other services such as Maps or Home. To be fair, Ads is also much less complex than these two, and the developers probably work in different teams, which can explain why Ads was prioritized.

If you do manage campaigns, you'll be happy to know Ads now fully supports dark mode, and can automatically detect your system-wide preference to know which theme you'd rather use. Alternatively, you can change it in the app's settings, giving you more control over its looks.

If you'd like to give the app a try, use the link below to download it. Keep in mind it would only make sense if you manage advertising campaigns, as shown in the screenshots above.

Google Ads
Google Ads
Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free