DevilishGames' indie puzzler Path to Mnemosyne was just published on the Play Store by Crescent Moon Games. The title has been available on consoles and PC since 2018, and today marks the official release on mobile. Most notably, Path to Mnemosyne offers a unique black and white design where the game's hand-drawn path continually zooms out, making for a surreal experience that's almost hypnotic. Of course, puzzles will play a significant role in your progression to ultimately restore a young girl's lost memories.

Above, you can view the teaser trailer for Path to Mnemosyne, which should offer a competent look at the title's gameplay. Essentially you'll control a little girl that's running down a hand-drawn path that seemingly never ends. At certain points, you will run across puzzles that will halt your progression, and so they will have to be solved, one by one. Honestly, it's a simple setup that offers puzzles that lean on the easier side, and at best the game only offers about 3-hours of gameplay, so this is more a release where the art and design are to be appreciated, more so than a title to be played for longevity.

Luckily Path to Mnemosyne is a premium release, and so there are no advertisements or in-app purchases included with the title. You can grab the game from the Google Play Store starting today for $4.99, which is a price that's a lot easier to swallow when compared to the $10 Steam version.

All in all, Path to Mnemosyne is a stylish puzzler that offers a unique design, and a bunch of puzzles to solve. Sure, some may find that these puzzles are a little easy, and yes, the game is a short experience that does not offer much replayability. Of course, since this is a premium release, you won't have to worry about IAPs or ads ruining your experience, and so $4.99 doesn't seem much to ask for a unique mobile game. So if you'd like to grab Path to Mnemosyne today for your Android device, you can do so through the Play Store widget linked below.

Path to Mnemosyne
Path to Mnemosyne
Developer: Crescent Moon Games
Price: $4.99