The Pixel 4a was just caught on camera yesterday, and it looks like that was only the beginning of the leak season. Evan Blass has posted a triptych of what appear to be advertising or website assets on Twitter, photoshopped into an image of a billboard. We see a few more angles of the phone in these photos, but in one of them, an interesting detail is visible: It has a $399 price tag, just like its predecessor.

Evan Blass took his Twitter account private, so a screenshot must do.

Yes, the billboard photoshop job is obviously fake. However, Evan Blass provides three different assets in the same spot, so we can assume that the content edited into the picture might in fact be real. The leak hints that there will be at least two variants of the phone since it says, "Starting at $399." That might mean that there will be two sizes, like in the past, but it might also just point to two storage variants. The latter is more probable as we haven't seen any evidence of a Pixel 4a XL at all so far. Other than that, it looks like there will be at least two color variants: A white and a black version is visible in the assets.

The three images in evleaks' post.

With potential pricing now revealed and many other hardware features shown off in a hands-on video, there isn't much left for Google to surprise us with. I'm still curious whether or not we'll get an XL version this year, though.