Deezer might not be the most popular music streaming service, but it has carved out a niche market with its optional high-fidelity collection and other features. Now the Android and iOS apps have one more feature that might win some folks over: music lyrics appear on your TV when you're playing music on a Chromecast.

The feature works exactly as you'd expect: tap the Cast button in the Deezer app, select your Chromecast (or other Cast-compatible device, like a smart TV), and the lyrics on the TV will follow along to the music. Spotify already does this with Chromecasts, but only for songs that support the 'Behind the Lyrics' feature — Deezer's feature supposedly works with all tracks.

The feature is already available for paid subscribers on the Android and iOS apps, as well as free subscribers on Android. Deezer says it will be available for free accounts on iOS soon.