Remember when a few pre-production Pixel 4 units fell off a truck last year and were extensively reviewed long before the official release of the phone? Well, it happened again, only this time it's the Pixel 4a. Just a day after some low-res images of the handset leaked, Cuban technology blog TecnoLike Plus has released a six and a half minutes long Spanish overview of the yet-to-be-released phone.

The Pixel 4a's back is made of plastic, with a fingerprint reader in the familiar position. Despite the big camera bump, there's only one single 12MP lens and a flash built-in, though it's unclear if it's accompanied by ToF optics. According to the blog's first tests, the camera is supposed to be really good, but that's to be expected from a Pixel.

The front looks much more modern than the more expensive Pixel 4. The 4a has almost identical bezels around its display and a punch-hole front camera that sits in the left top corner. It supposedly provides a resolution of 8MP. The video also gives us some data on the screen itself: It's said to be a 5.81" 1080x2340 60Hz display with a pixel density of 443 PPI. As expected and previously revealed, there's a USB-C port on the bottom, power and volume buttons on the right side, and a headphone jack up top.

Thanks to a benchmarking app, we get to see more details of the interior hardware, too. A Snapdragon 730 CPU is joined by 6GB of RAM and 64GB of non-expandable storage, powered by a 3080mAh battery. We don't know if there will be other storage options. A peek at the phone's settings reveals that it has dual-SIM support, though it's unclear whether that's achieved by two physical SIMs or if a virtual one needs to be thrown into the mix.

There's no Google logo on the back of the phone, which is a pretty good indicator that what we're looking at is a pre-production unit. We can also see that the phone is currently equipped with the April security patch, but that doesn't necessarily mean it'll be released that month — it's a pre-production software build, after all.

The blog claims it has obtained the phone at a Cuban store called Techno Fanaticos, but it's unclear how exactly the shop got its hands on the device. TecnoLike says it sells the Pixel 4a for about $500, which isn't necessarily the MSRP — it's likely the source wants extra money for an exclusive pre-production unit. The video also doesn't mention an XL version at all. It's certainly possible that there won't be two sizes this year as we haven't seen any signs indicating as much so far, but we can't rule out the existence of a larger variant altogether.

Thanks to this leak, we know almost everything there is to know about the phone about two months before its planned release. It's the Pixel 4 situation all over again, so we're left wondering if Google itself will start posting details on the device, too.