OnePlus, as it is known to do, got everyone excited for a big reveal with a teaser video yesterday. In fairness, it did say it wouldn't be a phone or a commercial product, but I'll bet you didn't guess what it would actually end up being. Today, the company unveiled something we've all been waiting for, something many have tried and failed to achieve, something humanity really needs right now: the world's first 5G-powered interactive snowball fight.

You couldn't make this shit up — unless you work in the OnePlus PR team, apparently. The custom-built robots face off against humans in a snowball fight before battling against each other for 70 consecutive hours; anything less would be a waste of time. The showdown will take place in Lapland, Finland, starting at 12pm GMT (4am PT) on March 9 and finishing on March 12, which you can watch via this livestream.

The snowbots can fire snowballs at 120mph and will be equipped with 5G chips from Qualcomm allowing onlookers from around the world to control them with their phones. Head to the OnePlus site once the livestream gets underway and sign in or create an account to take part. If you're in Lapland, why not go along and see what all fuss is about. You can even win an all-inclusive trip there to see the action close up if you enter this competition on the OnePlus forum — there are 18 places up for grabs and winners will be selected in twos so you can take a friend with you.

I'm sure this has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that the company is gearing up for a phone launch that could be as early as next month and is looking for a bit of extra publicity to build hype. Definitely not.


Yes, the snowbot battle is really happening, and it's going live in a few hours. You can tune into the livestream over at OnePlus' website or just take a peek at what's going on right here:


It sure looks like OnePlus' 5G robots weren't all that ready for battle just yet. It appears the YouTube livestream has been postponed by a whopping 47 hours. Check back on March 12 to see the snowbots in action.