You don't have a lot of options if you want an Android TV box. There's the SHIELD, of course, but Google hasn't had its own Android TV hardware for several years. That will change in 2020, according to 9to5Google. Google will allegedly launch a new Chromecast Ultra this year, but this will mark a significant departure for the Chromecast family. This device will have an external remote control and full Android TV inside.

Google's last Android TV device was the 2014 Nexus Player, which it discontinued in 2016. A few OEMs tried their hands at selling Android TV boxes, but NVIDIA is the only one finding much success. Google does offer the ADT-2 as a developer plaything, but 9to5 says this new device will be for consumers. The new Chromecast Ultra will apparently look much like the current device (above) but with a softer shape.

The new Ultra will support 4K HDR content, and this is the full version of Android TV. That means, in addition to casting content, you'll be able to install apps like Netflix, Hulu, and Disney+. The remote will make a lot of people (including yours truly) very happy, too. Controlling playback with a phone is fine, but nothing beats a button. The remote will sport a microphone, an Assistant button, and you'll be able to program it to control your TV. Google probably would have shown this device off at I/O this year, but there's no telling what its plans are now that the event is canceled.