Google's new, less intrusive Assistant is already available on the Pixel 4, but the redesign it received has mostly affected the voice command interface. The updates tab, Google Now's spiritual successor, kept the same look. Now, Google appears to be testing an overhauled dashboard with more gradients and chronological organization.

The new updates tab shrinks down the greeting, appears to remove all superfluous suggested action chips and cards, and focuses on the essentials: weather and things you need to know.

The upper section is dedicated to the current day then it's followed by cards for the next week and even later in the month. Content is likely to be dynamic, and I wouldn't be surprised if a section for "Tomorrow" showed up when you have events scheduled for the following day. The weather card has a colored gradient that'll also probably change based on time or weather conditions.


Left: Existing interface. Right: New design.

All cards are expandable and offer suggestion chips for more actions and an overflow menu to dismiss or change a setting. You can see them in action in the video below.

Based on what we know about the updates tab, it's likely that expected product deliveries, upcoming flights and reservations, and some relevant traffic information will show up among these cards as well.

None of us here on Android Police have this design and we've only seen it in one tip, so the test appears to be limited in scope.

Back again

This new Assistant interface is resurfacing once again for some users, this time with an introduction card that explains what it is and gives it a new name: Snapshot. Still, it doesn't seem that the screen is functionally different from the previous updates tab, it just looks fresher and organizes information more chronologically. Thanks, Max Buondonno!

Rolling out

After brief and small tests over the past months, this snapshot interface for Assistant seems to be rolling out widely now. Several of our tipsters have it and so do we.