Brydge announced a pair of made-for-Chrome OS accessories, the C-Type keyboard and C-Touch trackpad, forever ago. The keyboard has been available since last May, but the trackpad has been delayed repeatedly. Yesterday, Brydge confirmed that it's nixed its plans to release the pad at all.

After links to the C-Touch disappeared from Brydge's site, a customer asked on Twitter what the deal was. The company says it decided to cancel the pad after a review of its 2020 roadmap. It's not entirely surprising; demand for a discrete Chrome OS trackpad is probably pretty low, considering the relative lack of interest in Chrome-based tablets and desktop setups.

As 9to5Google notes, Brydge is working on a standalone iPad trackpad that looks awfully similar to the C-Touch, USB-C charging and all. It may not be "Designed for Chrome OS," but it'll probably still work with Chromebooks just fine.