Many of us would really like Spotify to overhaul its entire interface and make it smoother while speeding up access to various areas of the app. Unfortunately, that doesn't seem to be happening soon. Instead, Spotify is content with changing little bits of the app, one by one. In the most recent test, the homescreen is getting a new section up top with time-specific recommendations.

The new section starts with a greeting — Good morning, afternoon, evening — and includes a compact grid of six recommended playlists that should be perfect for that time of day for you. Depending on what you listen to usually, you may see your daily mixes and liked songs, among other playlists.

Left: Existing homescreen. Middle & Right: New "Good morning/afternoon/evening" section.

Besides the useful recommendations, the second reason I like this interface is the higher information density. Spotify can usually show about seven to nine playlists on the homescreen. With the new section, this can potentially go up to twelve — at least if you don't get duplicates like the screenshots above show.

The new interface is a server-side change and seems to be limited for now. I'm on the latest alpha 8.5.47 and don't see it, but one of our tipsters has it on v8.5.45.

It's official

Spotify has officially announced this redesigned homescreen, explaining that the top recommendations are focused on your favorite podcasts, playlists, and albums, and that they change throughout the day. They should make it easier and faster to get to the content you like and enjoy. The new page is still rolling out to users, so it may not be live for you just yet.

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